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Dog, Pet Burns: First Aid, Treatment

Whether it may be from chemicals, accidents, radiation, electric shocks, and heat, skin burns are delicate skin conditions for pets. The length or duration of exposure usually determines skin damage.

In mild burns, what may only appear are skin redness and occasional existence of blisters or swelling. In sever cases of burns, the skin may turn to color white. Of course, it will be more painful and hairs can be uprooted easily.

Warning is given if 15% of the pet;s body is burned because it may result to deterioration in its physical appearance. When this happens, fluids usually leaks out from the affected areas. This leads to a state of shock for the pets.

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Dog, Pet Burns: Signs and Symptoms

The classification or stages of burns in humans can also be used in pets. They have the same degrees of symptoms.

1. First Degree Burn In the initial stage, occasional redness and pain may occur. Sometimes blisters may develop in superficial burns.
2. Second Degree Burn The pet may experience pain in the next level of burn. The skin may appear to be drying and turn into tan in its color. There will also be instances of localized swelling.
3. Third Degree Burn This severe burn causes deep skin damage and fur or hair loss may result. The skin may either be whitened or blackened if charred. The burn goes deep causing nerve damage and eventually numbness. And the animal might undergo a state of shock.

In the last two types of burns, immediate veterinarian attention is needed. Diagnosing on your own might not be helpful because it is difficult to evaluate the amount of damage your pet might acquire in its burns.

Again veterinary attention is important in cases of extreme pain and especially when the pet undergoes shock. Bring your pets into the clinic where its burns are deep, where it involves a large area of the skin, and particularly when the burn might impair the pet;s airways.

Dog, Pet Burn: First-Aid Treatment

Wash immediately with running cold water burned areas of the skin. Cold compresses may also be suitable for 15 minutes or until the affected area stabilizes. However, be sure to stop the cold treatment if the pet starts to shiver already.

Do not apply lotions, oily dressings, and any ointments for that matter. These materials can trap the heat, instead of releasing it, from the skin.

It is important to cover the wounded area with non-stick dressings and never use cotton wool. This is to prevent the pet from licking the affected area.

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